More Beautiful Botanical Tattoos By Rit Kit

More Beautiful Botanical Tattoos By Rit Kit

The artist uses real plants as tattoo stencils.

I am in love with the floral and plant tattoos of Rita, aka Rit Kit!

I shared some of this artist's tattoos earlier this year - read the article here. And I really just can't get enough of these original, creative tattoos!

When you get a tattoo of nature, you really want your art to replicate as much as possible from the natural world - the details, the textures, the colours. What better inspiration than to use nature itself as your guide for a tattoo!

Looking at her profile, lavender is clearly one of Rita's favourite symbols to tattoo. It's also my favourite flower (and smell!) and I recently got my own first lavender tattoo from an artist here in the UK.

All photos from Rit Kit Tattoo Instagram.

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