Breaking News: Robot Tattoos Human!

It's not science fiction anymore - a robotic arm can now tattoo people!

jentheripper8 months ago in Stories

With their videos of the automated tattoo machine, the French guys of Appropriate Audiences are going viral. This summer, Tattoodo is following them in their world tour, in which they work on revolutionising tattooing.

Pierre and Johan, two members of the team Appropriate Audiences, recently stopped by California. There, they joined the ranks of Autodesk Pier 9's artists in residence. Working with some skilled engineers in robotic sciences, the robotic arm made its first tattoo, on the leg of Pierre himself! How incredible is that?!

Thanks to the help of the Robot Lab and David Thomasson, their innovative concept "Tatoué" has met the technology of industrial robots. Now that robot tattooists have arms, it's only a question of time before they'll be able to have conversations, too...

Watch the epic video of this historic moment, where a robotic arm performs its first tattoo on a human:

TattoodoFrom Tattoodo App
The first tattoo done by a robotic arm, tattooed on Pierre #automatedtattoomachine #roboticarm #technology #tatoué #automatedtattoo #geek #future #spiral
The first tattoo done by a robotic arm, tattooed on Pierre #automatedtattoomachine #roboticarm #technology #tatoué #automatedtattoo #geek #future #spiral

For an older article I wrote about the 3D Printing Tattoo machine check out Robot Tattoo Machine Is Back! Now Tattooing Real People!

Stay tuned for more about the guys and their unbelievable inventions!

For more information about the inventors behind the machine visit their website. And for more about the Pier 9's Artist in Residence program, click here.

All images are the property of Appropriate Audience and Autodesk Pier 9.