Starry Frankenstein and Bride in a Heart Tattoo by Merry Morgan @Merry_tattooer MerryMorgan MerryTattooer Black Blackwork Starrytattoo Starrynight Blacktattooing BlackInc Somerset Frankenstein Anatomical Heart

Starry Black Tattoos by Merry Morgan

Whimsical blackwork tattoos with a galactic touch by Merry Morgan of Black Inc., Somerset

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It's awesome how a dark and black tattoo can actually turn out to be shining, shimmering and splendid! 

With Merry Morgan's blackwork style every tattoo has its own galactic touch! Take a close look and it is like appreciating a beautiful starry night, which always feels curious and magical. Now prepare to be charmed by these beautiful, starry black tattoos by Merry Morgan. 😀

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All photos from Instagram @Merry_Tattooer



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