Logan McNicholas showing the tattoos that cost him a job. handtattoos loganmcnicholas staytrue

This Teen was Denied a job at Holland & Barrett for his Hand Tattoos

And this came after he did a 2 hour trial... It is clear that the concept of a tattoo being unprofessional is still present in our society.

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Tattoos in a work place have definitely become more socially acceptable than they once were. We hear a lot less about tattoo discrimination, but the culture of overlooking someone's work ethic and job-related abilities because of the tattoos they own is still present. 

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logan mcnicholas' other tattoos. suntattoo moontattoo flowertattoos
logan mcnicholas' other tattoos. #suntattoo #moontattoo #flowertattoos

Logan McNicholas witnessed this first-hand as he was given a 2 hour trial at Holland & Barrett, before being denied the job. The reason was obvious, his hand tattoos were exposed and the company had a strict policy about how they wanted their employers to look. 

Apparently this young man didn't fit the bill. To be exact, the company said they were unable to hire him because of their "high standards of personal appearance". I guess for some people, tattoos aren't high standard enough 🤔 

The other problem here is the fact that they let him work for 2 hours and actually serve customers, and doing a good job, only to tell him he is let go. Although the company commented that they think they did nothing wrong and they invite candidates to visit the shop floor to know what its like to work in their establishment, I think this was poor management. 

Jordan Dailey
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Some of Logan McNicholas' handtattoos that cost him his job.
Some of Logan McNicholas' #handtattoos that cost him his job.

Logan stated his displeasure with the situation, adding that tattoos were just a form of art for him, and that he doesn't understand why people get offended. Nonetheless, he fears he might miss out on other job opportunities because of his tattoos... definitely nothing anyone should ever worry about just because they have tattoos on their body. 

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Here's a closer look at his tattoos!

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Stay True on Logan McNicholas. knuckletattoos staytrue handtattoos
Stay True on Logan McNicholas. #knuckletattoos #staytrue #handtattoos
Jordan Dailey
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Logan McNicholas' hand tattoo. compassrose handtattoos
Logan McNicholas' hand tattoo. #compassrose #handtattoos

Tell us what you think about this. Do you think tattoos are unprofessional for work? Because apparently it's still a problem... 


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