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Two Soccer Players Get Matching Tattoos and It's Pretty Sweet

Gabriel Jesus and Neymar definitely getting some bro-points here.

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Gabriel Fernando de Jesus, better known as Gabriel Jesus, got inspired by Neymar when he chose his forearm tattoo. As a matter of fact, the Palmeiras forward got so inspired that he decided to essentially get the exact same thing.

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Having both grown up in Sao Paolo in Brazil, and sharing the same dream, it makes sense that both players feel strongly and relate with the meaning of this piece. Many think that both players even share a similar style of game with their quick feet and impressive skills. 


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    Instead of being sour about Jesus copying his piece, Neymar showed support and approval when he posted this picture on his Instagram. 

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    Neymar and Gabriel Jesus' matching tattoos ! neymar neymarjr gabrieljesus soccertattoos brazil
    Neymar and Gabriel Jesus' matching tattoos ! #neymar #neymarjr #gabrieljesus #soccertattoos #brazil

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    These two are definitely bromancing hard and it's awesome. 👊🏽 


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