Uncle Gets A Tattoo of a Rival Football Team to Help Nephew

Once again, faith in humanity has been restored!

DirtyNico7 months ago in Stories

A die-hard Newcastle United fan, David Stonebank has kickstarted a campaign to support his 5-year old nephew Bradley, who is battling neuroblastoma!

David promised to get the FC Sunderland crest tattooed if he could raise a  £1,000 to help with his nephew's fight against cancer. This idea came from Bradley's dad, who is a huge Sunderland fan. Their goal was reached via a fundraising on Virgin Moneygiving in less than a week and David went to the tattoo parlour for the sake of being the best uncle EVER!!!

Nicolas SchulzFrom Tattoodo App
David Stonebank "The Uncle with a BIG Heart" #Respect #onelove #family #cancertattoo
David Stonebank "The Uncle with a BIG Heart" #Respect #onelove #family #cancertattoo

May I remind you of the rivalry between these two teams!? Both have won 53 times, and have had 49 draws! At the moment Sunderland leads Newcastle by 7 goals and since Newcastle got relegated, the derbies are going to be rare from now on!

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