Who Needs a Koi When You've Got Magikarp Tattoos!

The perfect tattoo for any dedicated Pokemon Go player!

21inkedd7 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Pokemon tattoos are everywhere at the minute and you're about to see some more. So, strap in! Magikarp is on the rise but could it really replace the Koi?

A seemingly docile fish Magikarp is a medium sized water Pokemon that many dismiss as a nothing more than big goldfish. But as any Pokemon fan knows Magikarp evolves into one of the coolest Pokemon when it becomes Gyarados. Heavily inspired by the Koi fish in both look and symbolism (it's said that a Koi eventually evolves into a dragon!) Magikarp also makes one cool tattoo! 

An inspired alternative to a Koi tattoo, Magikarp designs are the answer of Pokemon lovers to classic Japanese tattoos. While they may not be a cup of tea for everyone- they still look awesome! Just see for yourself!