10 Flower and Hand Tattoos by Just Jen

10 Flower and Hand Tattoos by Just Jen

These floral tattoos have a detailed and delicate twist.

I love the tattoos of Just Jen, who tattoos in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

LisaP at Tattoodo recently interviewed this amazing artist - read here. Now I want to share some of my own favourite hand flower tattoo combos by Just Jen. From hands holding full bouquets to one single rose, these designs are super cool! I love the detailed flower tattoos on the hands too - a tattoo within a tattoo!

Just Jen's tattoos have all the vibrancy and colour of neo-traditional and traditional tattoos, whilst at the same time utilising thin, delicate lines and dotwork detail to give depth and precision. 

A rich and warm colour palette of purples and reds creates a tattoo portfolio that's clearly identifiable as Jen's. My favourite work of hers is definitely flowers... I defy anyone to not love these sweet and perfect floral tattoos. 

Jen's studio, Den of Iniquity Tattoo Parlour, is located in Edinburgh... an amazing city! If you haven't visited Scotland before, you need to get yourself up there ASAP. Check out this tattoo below of Linlithgow Palace, near Edinburgh. 

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