18 Delicate Floral Micro-Tattoos for the Subtle Flowerchild

18 Delicate Floral Micro-Tattoos for the Subtle Flowerchild

Let these dainty floral micro-tattoos keep you in full bloom all year long with their sweet subtlety.

If you're all for fine lines, minimalism, and flower power, these tattoos are for you. 

You've previously seen the wonders of the nature-inspired works of artists like Pony Reinhardt and Goyo — they were magnificent. But if you're not yet keen on the idea of large-scale tattoos, you might want to see these charming micro-tattoo ideas we've dug up from the works of only the finest of fine line artists right now. Carefully crafted with the prettiest hues and the most refined details, these lovely floral pieces are bound to keep the flower child in you feeling evergreen. 

Working out of Seoul, South Korea, Zihee is an artist on the cutting edge of the micro-tattoo movement. Zihee's tattoos are instantly recognizable thanks to an exquisite amount of detail and small flashes of vibrant color.  

It's almost impossible to believe that Mini Lau's work is real. Created using only a single needle, the tattoos are whimsical and gorgeous. 

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Sol Tattoo's work covers everything from portraiture, to flowers, to hyperrealistic animals. The common thread tying it all together — delightfully delicate line work and a subtle pastel color palette that look as if they've been painted on by the finest paintbrush.

If monochrome fine line is more your thing, let Lara Maju guide you.

Bang Bang NYC's Georgia Grey is quite gifted at creating blossoms that will last forever. 

We hope you enjoyed this look at some of the best floral micro-tattoos in the world. If you can't get enough flowers, be sure to check out this article. And if you're super into the tiniest tattoos around, you're going to love these. 

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