8 Adorable Snorlax Tattoos

Is there a Pokemon more lovable than Snorlax?

21inkedd7 months ago in Entertainment

Snorlax tattoos are fun designs, so you need to catch them all!

Few Pokemon receive the amount of love and appreciation as Snorlax, just ask any Pokemon Go player! Snorlax is a Pokemon you just have to have, probably because you can relate to its love for food and sleep!! Now while getting a Snorlax in Pokemon Go is no easy feat, you can always grab yourself a trusty Snorlax tattoo. 

Snorlax tattoos are one of many Pokemon designs that have risen in popularity in the past few months and I'm bringing you some of the best for your entertainment. Even if it's not the tattoo for you, you won't be able to stop yourself loving these Snorlax tattoos!