Allow Lydia Marier to Wow You With Her Simple Black Ink Tattoos

Sometimes all you need in a tattoo is simple black. Lydia Marier can satiate that need.

SloppyJoe7 months ago in Tattoo Artists

When it comes to black linework, simplicity can seem complex. Lydia Marier's straightforward black ink tattoos are as intricate as they are beautiful. The Montreal-based artist's work draws from a classic, iconic, illustrative style, and really utilizes an economy of line to convey so many details. Here are some of her dopest designs.

Studying under Oly Anger, Marier has been tattooing since 2014. In such a short time, she's become well-known for her detailed and ornate black ink tattoos.

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Tear out my heart! #LydiaMarier #blackwork #blackworker #heart #hand
Tear out my heart! #LydiaMarier #blackwork #blackworker #heart #hand

If you'd like to travel to Canada, hit up Oly Anger Tattoo for one of these sweet black ink tattoos. If you just want to admire the beauty of Marier's pieces though, follow her on IG.