Beautifully Feminine Tattoos by Sindy Brito

Beautifully Feminine Tattoos by Sindy Brito

Brazilian tattoo artist Sindy Brito shows off her beautiful fine line tattoos in a wide array of tasteful feminine designs.

Sindy Brito is a fine line tattoo artist from Brazil. In order to achieve her goals to pursue tattooing as a career, she had to walk away from entering a college of Engineering and take risks in a relatively foreign road from where she's supposed to be leading.

These days, Sindy does not regret the decision even for one bit. She's loving every minute. The only thing that can take away her time from it is her full-time job as a mother two two kids. She currently runs her own studio, Serena Tattoo Shop, located in her town in Águas Claras. For Sindy's Tattoodo feature in the Brazil section, you may read the write-up by Filipe Lopes here.

Pledging allegiance to your Game of Thrones house!

Negative spaces.

A beautiful fine line portrait.

A finely detailed blackwork piece.

The ravishing Frida Kahlo in minimalism.

The lovable No-Face of Studio Ghibli classic, Spirited Away.

You can find more fine line inspiration from here:  Beautiful Mix of Dotwork and Fine Lines by Bodil Schilperoord .

All images from Sindy's Instagram.

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