Beautifully Gruesome Tattoos by Zach Black

If you enjoy off the wall designs then you'll like the work of Zach Black.

21inkedd7 months ago in Tattoo Artists

Combining Japanese imagery and neo traditional style, Zach Black has made one killer style of tattooing! 

Based in Milwaukee, tattoo artist Zach Black produces some pretty weird but awesome tattoos. Combining Japanese imagery and neo traditional style, Black has created a unique look that he uses to great success. While Black's tattoos may not be for everyone, they're too cool not to share. 

From mutant schoolgirls to creepy namakubis, Black's designs are certainly unique and hard to forget. A gruesome and graphic style, Black's tattoos are nonetheless beautiful and show how even the creepiest of designs make brilliant tattoos.

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Images from Black's Instagram.