Best Ink Winner Teresa Sharpe Shows Why It's Called 'Best Ink'

Teresa Sharpe helps TV show 'Best Ink' keep that moniker with these bangin' tattoos.

SloppyJoe7 months ago in Tattoo Artists

You can't really talk about the show Best Ink without mentioning Teresa Sharpe, a young tattoo artist from Indiana who won the second season of the show. After her televised victory, Sharpe has become world-renowned for her colorful, illustrative tattoos.

Since the end of the show, Sharpe has been tattooing across the country, further cementing her status as one of the best artists the industry has to offer.

Teresa can be seen regularly at the Unkindness Art tattoo parlor in Richmond, VA. She takes on a plethora of projects outside of tattooing, such as painting and drawing and she states that she will forever be interested in fine art.

Contact Teresa via her website if you are interested in getting a tattoo from her. Otherwise, you can follow her on Instagram.