Chic Red and Black Tattoos by Cris Cleen

Chic Red and Black Tattoos by Cris Cleen

Old school designs are brought to life by the two color styles of Cris Cleen.

A modern feel  gives Cris Cleen's tattoos a look you're going to want more of! 

New York tattoo artist Cris Cleen is all about sharp style and slick tattoos. Using a red and black based style, Cleen's tattoos are a refreshing take on traditional tattoos and offer a look you might not have seen before. Finished with a modern and chic quality, Cleen's tattoos have an amazing depth that comes off the combination of red and black along with a few light highlight shades. 

Bringing contemporary style into touch with old school imagery and composition, Cleen is an artist who certainly pushes the boundaries and carves out his own place. 

Images from Instagram.

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