Classy Girl Tattoos by Anem

Classy Girl Tattoos by Anem

The funky and solid look of American traditional tattooing is well and alive with the works of artists such as Anem. Love 'em or hate 'em!

Girl tattoos are considered as one of the favorite tattoo subject matter in traditional style tattooing.

And these tattoos by Anem are a testament to how you can playfully compose and flip out on this tattoo design! Anem is an awesome tattoo artist from Montreal. She makes solid traditional style tattoos that have that classic Americana feel.

Girl heads or girl themed tattoos are one of her favorite tattoo subjects. Creating her girl tattoos, Anem makes use of other interesting elements to combine with her girls that make the tattoo more diverse and appealing to the collector. The bold lines coupled with vibrant colors is the main formula for her tattoo style. This has been so with traditional tattooing dating back decades, when our tattoo heroes were making this one of the flagship styles of tattooing. 

Anem's creative take on girl tattoos makes her collectors wanting more and more. Have a look at these awesome girl tattoos and I hope that you guys can pull some inspiration and ideas from this blog post.

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All images via Instagram.

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