Color Portraits Are at Their Best with Damian Cain

UK tattoo artist Damian Cain is killing it with his charismatic portrait tattoos!

21inkedd6 months ago in Tattoo Artists

Musicians, movie icons and comic heroes are all featured in the diverse portraits of Damian Cain.

Portrait tattoos are by far some of the hardest tattoos to create, the detail and realism required is not the easiest thing to achieve, but UK tattoo artist Damian Cain has got it down. Tattooing from Revolution Tattoos, Yeovil, Cain creates awesome color portraits that have all the character and energy you could want. Whether he's tattooing a Sith Lord or a rock singer- Cain captures their spirit in ink and lays down one hell of a tattoo in the process. 

If you're in the UK and are in need of a portrait tattoo or just some inspiration, you know where to go.

All images via Instagram.