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Contemporary Blackwork Tattoos by Gioele Cassarino

Witty designs and sharp blackwork tattoos are always a welcome sight.

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Gioele Cassarino has clean contemporary tattooing down! 

Italy is home to many amazing tattoo artists and it seems more and more are stepping up and showing their talents. Owner and tattooer at Time Paradox Tattoo Gallery, Gioele Cassarino is one such artist. Using a contemporary blackwork style filled with witty charm and amazing quality, the black ink designs of Cassarino are on the rise and you're about to become another fan! 


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    A versatile artist, Cassarino uses a number of different styles in his designs and every piece offers something different. Minimalism, abstract, geometric and dotwork are just a few of the styles Cassarino brings together, and damn are the results good! 

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    Images from Cassarino's Instagram.


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