Delicate Illustrative Tattoos by Ana Abrahão

Delicate Illustrative Tattoos by Ana Abrahão

Brazilian tattoo artist Ana Abrahão gives technical designs like the chemical compound and golden ratio a lovely spin.

Brazilian tattoo artist Ana Abrahão's illustrative tattoos are unique, dainty, and finely lined. Using color like a wash or as a spot color, keeping her lines thin and refined, Abrahão creates tattoos that could easily be found in a children's book or framed in a watercolor gallery. 

Abrahão cleverly uses spirals, loose shapes, open lines, and "washes" throughout her tattoos. Her client's skin acts as the midtone for her art, and the color fades into the client's natural tone. Abrahão's work looks as if she took a nib pen and a wet brush and applied delicate drawings right onto her customers.

Abrahão's work is as subtle as it is tiny. Dotwork and loose shapes create forms; depth is implied with minor color splashes. Let Abrahão enchant you with the rest of her works.

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