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Dusty Brasseur is Here to Quench Your Watercolor Thirst

Watercolor tattoos are all the rage these days, and Dusty Brasseur brings his own flair to this popular style.

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A trip to France can change a person's life. The history and culture of the country is rich and they have some sights to see that you simply cannot miss. If you're a tattoo enthusiast, one of those destinations should be Tin-Tin Tatouages. Many great artists call this shop home, including the iconic founder, Tin-Tin.

But if you're looking to get one of those fancy, new watercolor tattoos, your man will most likely be Duza aka Dusty Brasseur. His use of black line in conjunction with flowing colors and geometric patterns creates beautiful stained-glass-looking pieces. 

Dusty Brasseur has created a little niche for himself in the tattoo community that is unrivaled. His one-of-a-kind style is hard to emulate and sets him apart from the litany of other artists in France.

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