Just Like Cherries on Top: Juicy Cherry Tattoos

Just Like Cherries on Top: Juicy Cherry Tattoos

Cherry bombs; screw tying cherry knots when you have awesome cherry tattoos like these!

Cherry tattoos have been around since the glorious days of Sailor Jerry and his era-defining traditional American flashes.

You really can never go wrong with the classics. Cherry tattoos may not hold the same precious ranks as pin ups and nautical designs. It's a design that pretty much holds its own as a stand-alone piece or a teeny filler. With the pop of red that often comes in pairs, cherries make such fun and eye-catching tattoo designs.

We don't always have to do it old school, though. Cherry tattoos in black and grey, micro, and other alternative styles work just as good as the ones done in classic traditional American style. They can look just as popping as ever. From a South Korean micro tattoo to a black and grey neck design, these cherry tattoos are the bomb.

More cherry tattoos can be found here!

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