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Manchester United Fan to Get an LFC Tattoo for Friend with Leukemia

In order to support a four-year-old family friend, Wayne Ryan will get a tattoo honoring the football club he detests.

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Wayne Ryan, an avid fan of the football club, Manchester United will be going under the needle to get some fresh ink. What will he be getting tattooed on his body?

Oh, just the crest of one of Manchester United's bitter rivals, Liverpool Football Club.


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Mia Tate was diagnosed with leukemia whie she was 4-years-old. liverpool leukemia tattoo via Liverpool Echo
Mia Tate was diagnosed with leukemia whie she was 4-years-old. #liverpool #leukemia #tattoo via Liverpool Echo

A close family friend of Ryan's, 4-year-old Mia Tate, was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and he is doing it to help finance her treatment. Ryan set up a crowd-funding page on Just Giving's website and hopes to raise £1,000 to support Mia. Once that goal is met, he will have the crest he despises on him forever. 

The question is — where will Ryan be getting the tattoo?

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Wayne Ryan showing off his Manchester United fandom. manchester manchesterunited liverpool liverpoolFC via Liverpool Echo
Wayne Ryan showing off his Manchester United fandom. #manchester #manchesterunited #liverpool #liverpoolFC via Liverpool Echo

Since most of his body is already tattooed, he'll be getting the crest on the back of his calf.

The father of three said, “Since I told everyone what I planned to do, I’ve had a really good reaction from friends. Most of them have said they will sponsor me. Some people thought it was stupid, but they don’t have kids.”

The die-hard Red Devils fan said he'll be keeping the tattoo for a year, but intends to remove it after that via a buy-out clause.

Understandable for the season ticket holder at Old Trafford. You can't have a rival's logo permanently etched onto your body, even if it's for a good cause.

If you're interested in donating, click here. You'll be contributing to a good cause and forcing a Manchester United fan to eat crow (at least for a year).



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