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Mikey Sharks Crushes These Traditional Tattoos

London-born, Melbourne-based Mikey Sharks absolutely nails his traditional tattoos.

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What more can be said about the classic designs of traditional tattoos? They've stood the test of time and look better than ever. With more artists becoming well-versed in the style, it's not difficult to find an artist who can give you a tattoo in this style.

What's difficult to find is an artist like Mikey Sharks, who excels at the art form. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sharks has been crushing it in the traditional tattoo game.

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This Sundancer tattoo is based off of classic flash by Bert Grimm. MikeySharks Traditional traditionaltattoo sundance nativeamerican BertGrimm
This Sundancer tattoo is based off of classic flash by Bert Grimm. #MikeySharks #Traditional #traditionaltattoo #sundance #nativeamerican #BertGrimm


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    You can find Sharks at Melbourne's Man's Ruin Tattoo. He specializes in traditional tattoos, and many designs can be found on his website.

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    Sharks is on Instagram, constantly posting his latest creations. 



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