Mind-Blowing Realism Tattoos by Piotr Olejnik

Mind-Blowing Realism Tattoos by Piotr Olejnik

Piotr Olejnik brings color realism to next level!

If you're after some unique tattoo inspiration then you're in the right place.

Tattoo artist Piotr Olejnik produces designs you've never seen the likes of before, blending color realism, abstract tattooing and watercolor into one style. Olejnik has truly created an unique way of tattooing. Certainly an innovative style, his work is a great source of inspiration and will have you feeling some real ink envy. The colors, composition and imagery are all top class. 

A contemporary tattoo artist at the top of their game and proving why color realism is a style that keeps on developing, Olejnik is an artist you need to follow.

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All images from Instagram.

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