One of a Kind Tattoos by Noil Tattoo

One of a Kind Tattoos by Noil Tattoo

Contemporary tattoos are always an experience and that's certainly true of Noil Tattoo!

You've never seen tattoos like this before and you might never again. 

Seoul, Korea is a hotbed for contemporary tattoos and innovative artists, and it's also home to Noil Tattoo and their off the wall tattoos. Like many contemporary artists Noil uses minimalist designs and ignorant style, where the focus of the tattoo is not the quality, but the message and symbolism.   

Noil, however, does offer some differences with their tattoos. While many contemporary artists use mainly black ink, Noil adds an extra touch with a bright neon color. The effect it has really brings the tattoo up a notch and makes it that little bit more noticeable. An artist who won't please everyone, Noil is one you can still appreciate and admire. 

Images from Instagram.

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