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Rihanna Gets Tattoo Official With Drake

RiRi shows us the right way to get a relationship tattoo

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It seems Rihanna has done her research and looked up our Think Before You Ink posts. Jokes aside, the singer's new tattoo is a bold statement that her budding relationship with Drake is ready to go to the next level. Her newest piece captures a sentimental moment and eternalizes it on her skin. What's that moment, you ask? After Drake rented out the Toronto Aquarium for a romantic dinner he gave Rihanna an adorable stuffed shark; and now that tiger lives forever on the singer's ankle. 

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Date Night in Toronto feat. Rihanna and Drake Drake Rihanna love dates toronto relationshipgoals Relationship
Date Night in Toronto feat. Rihanna and Drake #Drake #Rihanna #love #dates #toronto #relationshipgoals #Relationship

As she often does, Rihanna turned to NYC's very own Bang Bang for her latest ink. It was roughly 10 years ago that Bang Bang tattooed Rihanna for the first time, one can say that she helped establish him as the go to tattooer for the rich and famous that he is known as today.  

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The Camo Shark blends in everywhere! Rihanna Drake shark sharktattoo sharktattoos legs
The Camo Shark blends in everywhere! #Rihanna #Drake #shark #sharktattoo #sharktattoos #legs

One of the perks of being in demand among A-listers for a tattoo artist is the opportunity to fly around the world and ply your trade in some unique locales—like Drake's dressing room in Miami. It was there that Bang Bang tattooed Rihanna and her new beau, although the Canadian rapper has yet to show off his ink on social media. 

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Bang Bang flaunts his pass on the way to tattoo Drake and Rihanna bangbangnyc Drake Rihanna
Bang Bang flaunts his pass on the way to tattoo Drake and Rihanna #bangbangnyc #Drake #Rihanna

Not only did Rihanna get a rad tattoo, but she rocked laced ankle shoes, being a badass like a BOSS! No pain, no gain guys!

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Drake couldn't resist getting a matching tattoo with Rihanna. Now both of them are a sharktastic couple!

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