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Soccer Just Got Injected With Some Serious Tattoos

Soccer stars get some updated ink put on their bodies.

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Soccer is no stranger to body art. Many of the sport's brightest stars have donned tattoos throughout the years. Soccer's most recognizable star, David Beckham, famously showed off his elaborate sleeves every game, not to mention the insane amount of shirtless modeling shots he's done.

Over the past few weeks, some of soccer's current superstars got fresh ink. Let's have a look-see, shall we?

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Bayern Munich's Jerome Boateng got some large scale pieces on his upper thighs. The classic imagery of the tragedy and comedy masks now adorn his upper legs for all to see.

This certainly isn't Boateng's first tattoo-rodeo, he's got quite a collection of body art. ESPN's Chris Wright even opined, "Surely he must be running out of empty skin by now?"

I don't know, Chris. Looks like he's got some room on his knees!

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Neymar Jr. got a new tattoo to commemorate his time (and team victory) at the Rio 2016 games. The gold-medalist scored a decisive penalty kick against Germany to ensure Brazil's victory.

After the game, the FC Barcelona star got the rings tattooed on his wrist as a celebratory purchase.

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Neymar Jr.'s team Brazil and FC Barcelona teammate Rafinha also got a tattoo to celebrate his country's victory at the 2016 Rio Games. The two made a pact that if the team won gold, they would get the rings tattooed, and they definitely stayed true to that pact it appears.

That's all the tattoo updates from the exciting world of soccer. As we are in the midst of the season we're sure that more players are gonna show off their bevy of tattoos and you know we'll be sharing them with you.

Futbol, babaaayyy!!!

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