Studio Ghibli Cuties: 18 Mischievous Soot Sprite Tattoos

Studio Ghibli Cuties: 18 Mischievous Soot Sprite Tattoos

Brighten up a Studio Ghibli tattoo sleeve with the mischievous and lovable soot sprites who are here to keep the party going!

Every Studio Ghibli fan has a soft spot for the soot sprites or susuwatari, the tiny, charcoal black balls of fuzz working in the boiler room with Kumaji in Spirited Away and hanging around in Mei and Satsuki's new home in My Neighbor Totoro. 

We don't really know what exactly they are except for the fact that they're adorable and they add a teeny dose of magic to the films. And although, like most of you, I feel the creeps in my skin at the slightest thought of anything tiny and wiggly co-residing at my place, I won't mind if they were the pee wee soot sprites. I doubt you would, too.

They're designed small and simple and although they're not really ideal for large tattoos, they make for great details and fillers in Studio Ghibli tattoos. Complete your sweet Studio Ghibli sleeve with some adorable soot sprite tattoos — don't forget the star-shaped candies!

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