Gangster Donkey Tattoo by Jackpot Tattooer @Needles_Tattooing JackpotTattooer Needlestattooing TheNeedles Oddtattoos Neotraditional Oldschool Traditional Seoul Korea Donkey

The Eccentric Tattoos of Jackpot Tattooer

Fun little neo traditional and old school tattoos by Jackpot Tattooer from Seoul, Korea.

minerva in Tattoo Artists

I love these drunk, strange and eccentric tattoos!

They are cute with a strange and odd touch that definitely make fun filler tattoos for your boring tattoo gaps. Inject some cartoonish humor and express your wild side and inner alcoholic with drunk animals, gambling demons or smoking creatures as tattoos! Who says tattoos always have to be serious and full of deep meaning? Jackpot Tattooer obviously blows all that off and comes out with a cool and amazing style! Would you get one? Share with us your crazy ideas!


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    If you're into eccentric tattoo style, there's more here: The Eccentric Neo Traditional Tattoo Style of K Lee.

    All images via Instagram.



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