The Quirky and Colorful Tattoos of Roberto Euán

The Quirky and Colorful Tattoos of Roberto Euán

There's no such thing as too much color in the work of Roberto Euán!

Working out of White Lotus in Ventura, California, there's nothing plain about Roberto Euán's tattoos. His work is quite unique - they're traditional tattoos with borrowed elements from both the neo traditional and new school styles, with some kawaii thrown in. 

Roberto uses so many different shades of every color from the rainbow, which is sure to bring happiness and cheer. His minimal use of white adds a sparkle to his pieces and really makes the other colors stand out. 

If you need some color and fun in your day, check out these vibrant and quirky tattoos by Roberto Euán.

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For more adorable kawaii tattoos visit Roberto on Instagram!

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