The Raw and Ravenous Sketch Style Tattoos of Mike Riina

The Raw and Ravenous Sketch Style Tattoos of Mike Riina

Mike Riina works on skin like charcoal on paper with his gritty sketch style tattoos.

When I said sketch style tattoos, I really meant sketch style tattoos. Mike Riina ain't playing. He makes ‘rough drafts’ look like masterpieces. Well, they're technically not rough drafts - these tattoos are merely designed to recreate its unmistakable rawness.

 The Michigan-based tattoo artist first dabbled in black and grey tattoos, making small waves and buzz along the way until it led him to develop his own style. This particular style includes a combination of linework and shading, with remnants of Mike's signature black and grey.

What adds to the thrill of getting a sketch style tattoo from Mike is the fact that he does many of his tattoos freehand. Although you have every reason to trust the guy with your skin, getting a tattoo done freehand is always going to be an exciting experience for anyone. You never really know how it will exactly turn out in the end and you're at the edge of your seat questioning what the hell have you just done. You better hope your artist can nail it as good as Riina.

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