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This Lady is Obsessed with Jose Mourinho and has Tattoos to Prove it

That's not all she has though...

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Meet Viv Bodycote, the 58 year old woman that covered her home and some parts of her body with the current manager of Manchester United's name and face. Her nickname for herself is Ms. Mourinho. To give you an even better idea, this is what Bodycotes' home looks like, as she poses with her beloved Mourinho t-shirt.

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Just to give you an idea of how deep this love goes, in December 2015, when Chelsea fired Mourinho, Viv decided to cancel Christmas. 

Viv also has a few tattoos representing her devoting love to Mourinho. She has the letters ''JM'' on her wrist, and a Portugal logo with Jose Mourinho's name written over it and his nickname ''The Special One'' written under it on her tricep. 


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    Of course she also had to have a picture of her kissing Mourinho's face. 

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    Jordan Dailey
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    Your dedication is quite inspiring Viv 🙌 

    Jordan Dailey
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    All photos from The Sun.


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