Unbeatable Neo Traditional Tattoos by Craig Gardyan

Unbeatable Neo Traditional Tattoos by Craig Gardyan

We all love a good neo traditional tattoo - so strap in for some killer body art!

Craig Gardyan has it down with his neo traditional tattoos. 

Grim Tattoo, Penndel, is home to Craig Gardyan, a tattoo artist with a brilliant neo traditional style. Offering bold designs that are packed with color and energy, Gardyan is a beast of an artist and will certainly give you some inspiration. The majority of Garydan's work is neo traditional and it's clear this is what he does best! The shades and depth he can lay down in a design are just awesome and it all makes for an epic tattoo. 

Neo traditional tattoos are rising in popularity and with artists like Gardyan leading the way it's pretty clear why! Check out the selection of neo traditional tattoos!

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