We Interviewed the Guy who Tattoos Deleted Celebrity Tweets

By Line Meriam - 
We Interviewed the Guy who Tattoos Deleted Celebrity Tweets

Canvas for a cause: Kasper's 'Tweetoo project' is a permanent reminder that the use of Social Media can be just as permanent as a tattoo...

Let me introduce Kasper Nørlund. Kasper got his first tattoo when he was 17, he played in the successful Danish band 'Spleen United' and is involved in a whole lot of projects- most of them involving art, technology, or music. Lately one of these projects got quite a lot of attention in the media...which made me curious to ask him a few questions...

It all started out with Kasper's fascination for the internet, its possibilities, how it affects us and how it has created blurred lines between public and private space. As he says, "This is very exciting but also potentially dangerous if  you're not careful" 

So, when CeeLo Green deleted his Twitter profile following a shocking tweet about rape - Kasper decided to get the same tweet tattooed to make the statement that a tweet is as permanent as a tattoo once posted. And that's how The Twettoo Project was born... 

Celo Green tweet tattoo as part of the Twettoo Project by Frankie Ziyanak #TweetooProject #CeeloGreen #tweet #twitter #TheTweetooProject #FrankieZiyanak

Kasper explains: 

"Most people think very carefully before getting a tattoo. It is permanent, it can be provocative and even stigmatizing for the one wearing it. 

But if you think about it, a thoughtless tweet can also harm you - or others - and it will stay on the internet forever. Even if you regret and delete it.

So I think the Tweettoo Project is a great way of getting people’s attention and give them some food for thought.  

Actually, Frankie Ziyanak, my friend and tattoo artist, has a Bukowski quote in his mail signature that sums it up pretty well: “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

“We should all be aware of what we put on the web - in many ways a tweet can be as permanent as a tattoo”

Do the tweets mean anything to you? 

No. That’s the short answer.  The content of the tweets themselves is, of course, interesting - but not relevant to this project. I focus on what happens after the tweet hits the web. The second it is out there, it lives it’s own life and the "tweeter" is no longer in control.

What have been people's reaction to your mission? 

At first, people think I have lost my marbles. But when I tell them a bit more about the project, most of them thinks it’s an interesting way of addressing an important subject - even though they might still think I’m crazy.

I have had a lot of hateful comments online. But even though this obviously affects me, I find comfort in the fact that it only emphasizes the relevance of my project.

The brain behind the Tweettoo Project, Kasper Nørlund Foto: Rasmus Weng Carlsen #TweetooProject #tweet #twitter #TheTweetooProject

People, including celebs, will in all likelihood continue to post weird stuff on Twitter, so it's relevant to ask you for how long you will continue? Are we talking a bodysuit here?

I have chosen my legs only as the canvas for the project. I didn’t have any other tattoos there and it seemed right to start out with a clean canvas. The project will end when there’s no more space left - or if celebrities stop deleting their tweets... - Or if Kanye West tags me in a tweet he then deletes - then the internet will self-destruct and my legs will melt...

The Artist on the Project Frankie Ziyanak #TweetooProject #tweet #twitter #TheTweetooProject #FrankieZiyanak

So lastly, I'd like to ask you what you wanna achieve with this? 

I would like people to think about how they act, react and interact on the internet. Social media is still in its early childhood and we haven’t really found a code of conduct yet. Just scroll through your own Facebook wall and see how your behaviour has changed since you created your profile. 

People tend to express themselves on the web in ways that they never would to another persons face. Far too often people comment, share or judge content thoughtlessly and without fact checking. All these actions are archived and can be found at any time.

We should all be aware of what we put on the web but celebrities are influential public figures with the ability to start trends and change opinions. Along with the power of celebrity status comes a great responsibility. 

Liam Gallagher tweet. Tattoo by Frankie Ziyanak #TweetooProject #tweet #twitter #TheTweetooProject #FrankieZiyanak

It's obvious that with this project, Kasper is making the point that we should think about our actions and consequences - for him, on the other hand there's also been a consequence - maybe a funnier one, cause as he says "I've sure had to pull my pants down more frequently since I started the project." 

Kasper with his pants down on Danish television #TweetooProject #tweet #twitter #TheTweetooProject

Oh yeah, by the way - as mentioned, Kasper played keyboard in the famous band 'Spleen United' and has the name of their first album tattooed on his arm

Spleen United Cover #spleenunited #music

Follow Kasper's story and read the celeb's deleted tweets on Instagram

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