10 Lethal Prison Shank Tattoos

10 Lethal Prison Shank Tattoos

Shank tattoos make for one brutal knife design!

Bringing the prison life onto the skin these shank tattoos are both awesome and intimidating. 

A shank or shiv is the name given to an improvised knife or sharp implement. Most commonly used in prisons, the shank is a deadly weapon within the prison system and has been responsible for countless attacks and deaths. Thankfully these prison shank tattoos are a little less deadly- though they're equally as intimidating! 

Sitting on the more creative side of knife tattoos, shank designs have a brutal look about them and use a simple design to great effect. Most popular as a blackwork tattoo or gap filler, prison shank tattoos look tough for a reason. Check out these prison shank tattoos and be both inspired and scared!! 

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