Brazen Traditional Tattoos by Gonzalo Muñiz

Brazen Traditional Tattoos by Gonzalo Muñiz

Gonzalo Muniz does traditional tattoos like few others.

An evocative style is brought to life when Muniz picks up a tattoo machine. 

Gonzalo Muniz's striking traditional style focuses on classic designs, bold colors and big impact, and as you're about to see it's a style we can all appreciate. Packed with color, character and humor, Muniz traditional tattoos have a light hearted feel to them but a look that wouldn't be out of place in an old school sheet of flash. His shading and linework are on point and his overall composition is something to appreciate. To put it simply Muniz traditional tattoos are killing it. A great source of tattoo inspiration, Muniz tattoos are certainly worth your time and even worthier of your skin. 

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Images via Instagram.

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