Cool Blackwork Skeleton Tattoos by Jaffa Wane

Cool Blackwork Skeleton Tattoos by Jaffa Wane

This laid-back blackworker creates funky skeleton tattoos.

If you love your ink black and with a quirky sense of humor, then you should check the work of Jaffa Wane. Indeed, the tattoos of this French tattoo artist are such a blast. Rough, offbeat and punk, the blackwork of Jaffa Wane is definitely worth knowing. 

His "skullitos" are especially eye-catching. These are rad little skeletons, with laid-back activities such as drinking, chilling or flippin' the bird... Both poetic and ironic, the skeleton tattoos of Jaffa Wane are a real lesson of life.

Images from Jaffa Wane's Facebook and Instagram.

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