Dr. Slump: 14 Adorable Arale Tattoos

Dr. Slump: 14 Adorable Arale Tattoos

The pint-sized robot girl who can kick Goku's ass is back with her shenanigans in these cute tattoos!

Arale Norimaki of the Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball fame makes an awesome comeback in these lovable tattoos that are bound to get you nostalgic — straight from the animé time capsule!

For starters, the ever adorable Arale has something in common with Marvel's Squirrel Girl and Saitama/One Punch Man — both of whom were designed as parody or joke characters possessing immeasurable strength and capable of incredible feats. The character of Arale first got her big break in a few Dragon Ball appearances, charming fans with this pint-sized comic relief. There's never a dull moment with this little one.

Interestingly, Arale wasn't what creator Akira Toriyama had in mind when he designed a robot for Dr. Slump. Comic panel limitations and his editor's weakness for cute things produced Arale Norimaki. See the lovable purple-haired robot girl brought to life in these bright Arale tattoos!

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