Illuminating Watercolor Tattoos by David Giersch

Illuminating Watercolor Tattoos by David Giersch

Blending watercolor style with color realism, David Giersch is an artist to admire.

Germany is home to many amazing tattoo artists and I'm introducing you to another one right now- David Giersch! 

Berlin based tattoo artist David Giersch has a style any tattoo lover can enjoy. An innovative style that combines watercolor and portrait realism tattooing, Giersch is simply killing it. Each one of his tattoos is packed with the same bright colors and flawless shading, and every tattoo he does raises the quality bar. Giersch's work is proving that watercolor tattoos are still a powerful tattoo force.

Giersch's tattoos are bold, colorful and sure to brighten your day, so spend some time going through the tattoos below to see which designs you like the best.

All images via Instagram!

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