Live Like Jack and Sally with ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Tattoos

Live Like Jack and Sally with ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Tattoos

The Pumpkin King is back with his queen in this spooky Halloween special dedicated to yet another Tim Burton masterpiece.

We’ll always have Halloween on Christmas with ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ tattoos because Jack and Sally is the OG power couple we all loved.

If you grew up with a slightly more, ah, peculiar tastes than the other kids, then you probably adored Tim Burton films just as much I did. While everybody was watching cheezy chick flicks, we all anticipated every stellar film Mr. Tim B birthed into existence. Instead of boys from boybands and TV show ‘it’ girls, we wanted Edward Scissorhands and Lydia Deetz. And we all wanted a love like Jack and Sally rather than Jack and Rose. You know you did. Here are seventeen, darkly beautiful tattoos that will have these Tim Burton fans reliving Halloween Town for life.

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