Meet Quyen Dinh, The Queen of Pop Culture Tattoo Flash

Meet Quyen Dinh, The Queen of Pop Culture Tattoo Flash

Meet the artist behind many pop culture-themed tattoo flash paintings that would make even Sailor Jerry proud.

You may not be familiar with her but you have probably seen and admired her works. They show up on nearly every first page of a ‘tattoo flash’ Google Search result of a given pop culture classic. Some of her more famous works feature the dapper and cold-blooded Patrick Bateman of ‘American Psycho’ and the menacing masked figure of Michael Myers of the ‘Halloween’ series. 

Quyen Dinh (pronounced Quinn Din) is a Los Angeles-based self-taught artist who creates amazing pop culture-themed flash paintings reminiscent of Traditional Americana. They are also some of the most stunning works a contemporary artist had designed to pay homage to Sailor Jerry's legacy. Today, Quyen's works are largely circulating the internet, serving as tattoo ideas and inspiration to fans and fellow artists alike. But it didn't happen overnight, it took Quyen almost a decade to get where she is now.

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In 2004, the Vietnamese-born artist graduated at USC School of Cinema-TV with a degree in Film Critical Studies but was disenchanted by the realities of her chosen field. Turning her back to the film industry proved to be the best decision of her life as it altered her path back to her first love: Fine arts. 

In every flash painting she paints, she wishes for people to see through it and rather, feel every detail in the picture that never fails to bring her nostalgia. Many ask her when does she plan to finally pick up tattooing and professionally practice the trade (she knows how to tattoo but was not professionally trained) but despite several apprenticeship offers, Quyen would rather stick to fine arts as it is her childhood dream and the thing she's most passionate about.

‘I suspect I never left that certain phase in childhood when bright colors, simple shapes, and bold outlines of Saturday morning cartoons and coloring books were the only images that captivated children for hours,’ she told Indie Reader.

All photos from Quyen's Instagram.

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