Pretty Black Floral Tattoos by Jack Ankersen

Pretty Black Floral Tattoos by Jack Ankersen

Is there anything better than a beautiful bouquet guaranteed to last forever?

There are few things as timeless as floral tattoos. They’ll never go out of style, they can be stand alone pieces as well as amazing filler, or even a decorative accent. Regardless of the style, floral tattoos are some of our absolute favorites, but we have to say, Jack Ankersen’s black floral work is some of the best.

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Ankersen’s floral work is best described as illustrative with beautiful line work detail. While all of his flowers are stunning, his pieces that include snakes, skulls, and the occasional animal head are particularly interesting. If you ever find yourself in Sweden, make sure to stop by and pay Ankersen a visit. Spring may have come and gone, but his garden is still in full bloom.

You can see more of Ankersen's illustrative work here.

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