Pretty & Painterly Floral Arrangements by Silo

Pretty & Painterly Floral Arrangements by Silo

Magical and inviting blooms that pop right out at you!

There’s something incredibly inviting about the new watercolor floral tattoo trend that’s been popping up lately. Pastel bouquets with fine lines that are executed in a painterly style draw the eye in, and have a sort of magical effect. Recently they’ve been taking the watercolor world by storm, especially in South Korea where artists like Zihee, Sol Tattoo, and Silo Tattoo have been creating some of the most delicate, daintiest little beauties around.

Based out of Arosekida Tattoo in Itaewon, South Korea, artist Silo Tattoo has recently been focusing on watercolor floral motifs. With a steady hand and some incredible talent, Arosekida creates whole spring gardens. Even the tiniest details like the stem of baby’s breath and the veins of a leaf have been attended to with great care, and the bountiful blooms are absolutely beautiful.

You can see more of Silo's delicate bouquets here.

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