Surreal Elegant Traditional Tattoos by El Carlo

Surreal Elegant Traditional Tattoos by El Carlo

Bold and solid tattoos aren't always classic images, some are modern looking surreal bangers too, such as these awesome tattoos by El Carlo!

The style that is simple yet powerful is more fun and interesting with surreal and dark subjects. Such is the work of El Carlo and I am stoked to share his work with you!

El Carlo is a tattoo artist from Barcelona and he creates some very interesting tattoos.

These bangers are bold and thick with super cool, dark and surreal themes. Demons and skulls are refreshed through his unique style. The tattoo look is still solid because of the thick line work he does, plus the solid blacks hold the tattoo together and will surely keep it looking good for years to come. 

Another interesting thing about El Carlo's work is that most of his tattoos are surreal images, and that this tattooer doesn't stick too much with the typical roses to accompany an image (although roses are dope, don't get me wrong)!

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