The Stellar and Surrealist Blackwork of Roma Broslavskiy

The Stellar and Surrealist Blackwork of Roma Broslavskiy

It's the twilight zone with Roma Broslavskiy's surrealist blackwork tattoos.

Ukrainian tattoo artist Roma Broslavskiy dips his fingers into surrealism and art nouveau in his classicism-inspired blackwork tattoos oozing with peculiarities and dark elegance.

If you're looking for chromatic hues peeking through blackwork windows, then you're looking at the wrong Broslavskiy. This is Roma Broslavskiy, one-half of the twin Broslavskiy brothers. While Nick continues to leap into the cosmos with his psychedelic creations, his brother Roma is fashioning blackwork tattoos into stunning surrealist pieces. His art nouveau touches makes each work all the more sophisticated and noble yet dark and enigmatic.

Like Nick, Roma received no formal training as an artist. He learned mostly everything he knows by himself, turning to his mentors for the thing he can't. Nick may have gotten a head start by tattooing a year ahead but Roma makes up for it with his skill and flawless blackwork. 

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See the rest of Roma Broslavskiy's blackwork surrealism on his Instagram.

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