10 Blackwork Dietzel Snake Tattoos

10 Blackwork Dietzel Snake Tattoos

This classic snake head design gets a classy blackwork makeover!

Decades after his death the awesome designs of Amund Dietzel live on. 

Born in 1891, Norwegian tattooer Amund Dietzel spent his life with a tattoo machine in hand, and in the process he cemented himself as one of modern tattooing's greatest figures. Not only did he push the art form forward but he also designed some of the classic tattoos we know and love today such as the famous Dietzel girl and bold snake head- a design which just so happens to look awesome in blackwork!  

The classic Dietzel snake design features a vicious looking snake head with an open mouth and razor sharp teeth. Setting itself up as the classic of all snake tattoos, the Dietzel snake head usually comes in bold colors but a blackwork creation looks equally as good. Check out these blackwork Dietzel snake tattoos and let us know what you think. 

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