Expert Japanese Tattooing by Sandor Jordan

Expert Japanese Tattooing by Sandor Jordan

Massive and powerful Japanese tattoos for your pleasure. These tattoos by Sandor Jordan are anything but ordinary!

Made to cover the whole human body, Japanese style tattoos hold the most powerful visual impact. At least that's what I think. These awesome tattoos by Sandor Jordan will show you just how stunning these tattoos are.

Sandor Jordan is a brilliant tattoo artist who makes intense Japanese style tattoos. He owns and runs Hakutsuru Tattoo in Essen, Germany. Sandor has a masterful approach to the Japanese style tattooing. This reflects his knowledge an experience as a tattooer. With classic Japanese tattoo imagery, his visually appealing tattoo style attracts the collectors to get even more work done. Clean linework, solid blacks and fantastic colors - classic formula for any tattoo that will stand the test of time. One more thing that makes his work exceptionally elegant, is simplicity. As we all know, simplicity is the key - what you don't include in a composition is just as much important as what you put in. This is what truly makes Sandor Jordan's work timeless and powerful.

All images via Instagram.

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