Illuminating Tattoos by Blayne Bius

Illuminating Tattoos by Blayne Bius

As bold as tattoos can get the work of Blayne Bius is awesome!

Crushing the contemporary tattoo game Bius is a must see artist! 

Tattooer Blayne Bius currently works from Live Free Tattoo, Atlanta, and it's safe to say her tattoos are the embodiment of living free. Flowing perfectly on the body the work of Bius focuses on bright shades and amazing color combinations that create stunning depth in her tattoos. She's also not afraid to use both subtle blackwork and color on the same design- something which can look amazing when done right! 

An artist at the cutting edge of contemporary body art Bius is one tattooer you need to follow. As beautiful as tattoos get, the work of Bius is sure to give you tons of inspiration and a damn good reason to head to Atlanta so make sure you take as much of the awesome tattoos of Bius as you can.  

All photos from Blayne Bius on Instagram

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