Intense Japanese Tattoos by Mauro Cardoso

Intense Japanese Tattoos by Mauro Cardoso

Clean, colorful and everything a Japanese tattoo should be.

Tattooing since 1998, tattoo artist Mauro Cardoso has made a name for himself as one of the top Japanese tattooers in the world. Adhering to classic Asian imagery and style, Cardoso's tattoo are very much Japanese but they also hold some elements of western tattooing too, especially in the simple layout and bright colors. But don't be put off, Cardoso's Japanese tattoos are some of the best you'll come across. 

From full sleeves and torsos to small gap fillers the Japanese style of Cardoso is incredibly versatile and consistently bold! Each one of his designs is as enthralling as the last and equally addictive. If you love bold Japanese tattoos then Cardoso is your man!

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