James Arthur Wants To Have Some of His Tattoos Removed

James Arthur Wants To Have Some of His Tattoos Removed

The British singer apparently has some regrets about his body art.

Winner of the ninth series of The X Factor, James Arthur, apparently wants to get some of his tattoos removed. He's got quite a collection already, and he's been adding to it steadily, but with a shift towards starting an acting career he plans on getting some of the ink removed. 

He's got plans to remove the owl removed from his neck, the tear from his face, and the crown removed from his hand.

As the singer plans to do more acting, he's already been doing some removal sessions. He's apparently already had nine sessions, and isn't too excited about the cost of the procedure.

"They take a while and cost a lot of money but it will be worth it," he told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper. "I really want to do acting and I don't want to be typecast because of my tattoos."

I think what might hold you back more than your tattoos is the fact that you used bigoted language when you were in a beef with the rapper, Mickey Worthless.

Regardless, I hope all goes well for Arthur and his procedure to remove his tattoos. I hope the best for the dude. Maybe he'll be the next big actor who won The X Factor. Good luck with that!

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